Site updates: February 2015

An ongoing catalogue of Knossos Games website issues and minor updates.

The Space Pods puzzle section received a significant update.

Updated: Knossos Games website homepage

Problem: In the overhaul of the entire Knossos Games website, the homepage was basically an afterthought. I had focused so much time and attention to how the content should be organized and presented (as well as the new code to support it all), that I hadn’t really figured out what should be on the new homepage. I’ve observed a few people interact with the site over the years, and the homepage from the last version seemed to be confusing (people weren’t sure what to click on or where to go next). My first attempt at the new homepage, however, was a boring overcorrection.

Solution: This time, I’ve tried to retreat from the blandness by including more puzzle swaths and sections (carried over from the category pages, like this one). I have more ideas, and it’s still a work in progress, but this is certainly better than what it used to be (and what it used to be before that).

Fixed: Numerous broken links across the site

Problem: There are a lot of broken links (temporarily) caused by pages from the older versions of the site coexisting with newer versions. (I’ll explain this situation in detail in another blog post at some point.)

Solution: The two-versions-ago homepage (kg.kghome.html) and an old attempt at creating an all-in-one puzzle index page (kg.CategoriesV6a.html) have now both been replaced with pointers to the current home page (kg.index.html). This fixes the vast majority of broken link issues.