Corn maze directory

Recently joining other perennial autumn traditions, like apple picking and football games, are corn mazes. Visiting a corn maze is a quintessential fall activity, at least where I’m from (the midwestern United States). There are a wide variety of corn mazes, differing in size, style, design, and solving objective.

One of the many reasons I wanted to start a blog for Knossos Games was to write about corn mazes. Even with the widespread popularity of the burgeoning industry of agritourism, there is a surprising lack of commentary and analysis surrounding corn mazes. I’d like to change that.

For this first post, here is the single most useful resource for corn mazes: a directory where you can find a corn maze near you. This list is compiled by one of the few corn maze design companies, but is assembled as a service to the entire industry. As with any list, check to make sure your local maze is open and operating this season before heading out.

Get lost! Have fun!