Site Updates: October 2015

An ongoing catalogue of Knossos Games website issues and minor updates.

Posted updated versions of Logic problems 6 through 10.

With ten Logic puzzles now available, updated the thematically organized Logic puzzles listing with group labels (arrangement, truth tellers & liars, arithmetic & algebra, ordering). Also added links on both pages of Logic puzzle listings to the blog entries explaining the updates (1 and 2).

Fixed some links between puzzles (Node Maze 2, Light Addition, No Left Turn, Wave Addition, and Wind Farm Puzzle 6). With these corrections, and the updated logic problems, puzzles from Imagine issues 12.1 through 12.5 (2004–2005), and issues 14.4 through 16.2 (2007–2008) are linked together through the navigation bar at the top of each page. (All of these puzzles are either on website versions 6 or 7.)

In my blog entries, I discovered I was using both “web site” and “website”. The Grammarist suggests that “website” is the commonly accepted usage (unless you are the New York Times), so I’ve updated prior blog posts to be consistent (including this one).